Lim Young Kyun
비밀번호를 잊어버리셨나요?


Lim Young Kyun


Mobile 82-010 5151 3800.

Yea 201. Gaepodong 1200-1, GngnamGu Seoul.korea



1985.9-1987.8 New York University .Graduate School of Photography

1982.9-1984.9 New York International Photography Center ICP, NY

1974.3-1978.3 Chung-Ang University Art Department Photography


Working Career

1992-2012 Chung-Ang University Photography Department Professor

2000-2001   NYU Arts Department Photography Adjunct Professor

1998         RMIT University Photography Department Invitation Professor

1995-2000   President of Korea Documentary Photography Assocition

1993-1995   NYU Photography Department Summer Class Adjunct Professor

1988-1990   Curator of Space Museum , Korea

1983-1988   Report .Joong-ang Daily news papers. NY Branch .


Solo Exhibition


2021.11.  “Destiny”Acta International gallery ROME .ITALY

2021.9.    “World heritage”2gil29 gallery Seoul.Korea.

2019.5.    “In memory of Nam Junepaik”2gil29gallery. Seoul Korea

2018.2.   “The Light” Winter Olympic Pyeongchang.

2016.12.   “Unjusa” Solmundo Paris France..

2015.5   “ Paik Nam June Show” DDP Seoul.Korea.

2014.6.   “ A day with Nam June Paik “Gyounggido Museum.

2010.6    "In Memory of Paik Nam Jun" France Paris Korean Culture Center 2009.10.  20115      Destiny Space DA .798. Beijing

2009.10   “Antarctica Series 2008-2009” Photographer’s Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)

2008 4.    For the Beijing Olympics Portraits of Korea & China Artists Wall Project.

Beijing Korea Culture Center.

2007.2    <Portraits of Nam June Paik> England British Museum (London)

2006.9    <Portraits of Artists> Seoul Art Center (Korea)

2006,10   <In Memory of Nam June Paik> 1982-2000."2x13 Gallery New York

2006,9    <In Memory of Paik Nam Jun>, Andrew Shire Gallery (L.A USA)

2006. 4   <In Memory of Paik Nam Jun>, Shinla Gallery (Daegu)

2005. 12  <Portrait of Nam June Pai>Seoul Photo Triennial, Art Museum of Seoul,


2005. 6    <Destiny> vhs Photography Stuttgart, German

2004.11   <Portrait of Artist> Gwangju Shinsaege Department Store Gallery


2004.10  <Portrait of Artist> Sun Gallery (Seoul)

2004. 4   <Daily Life> Andrew Shire Gallery (L.A)

2004. 2   <Destiny> Thessaloniki Museum of Photography Greece (Greece)

2003.11  <Daily Life> Park Young Duk Gallery (Seoul)

2003.10  <Destiny> Aura Gallery (Shanghi)

2003. 9  <Face of Our Time> Photographer's Gallery (Tokyo)

2003.4   Palais fur aktuelle Kunst : Kunstverein Gluckstadt. (Germany)

2002.12  <Destiny> Landesmuseum (Oldenberg, Germany)

2002. 9  <Destiny> Stadt Museum. (Germany)

2002. 5  <Face of Our Time> Park Young Duk Gallery. (Seoul)

2001. 1  <Face of Our Time> Rosenberg Gallery. (NY)

2000. 1  <Seoul Odyssey> Gallery Lux. (Seoul)

1998.10  <Portrait of Artist> Paris Korean Culture Center (France)

1998. 4  <Portrait of Artist> RMIT Gallery 9 (Australia)

1997. 4  <Face of Our Time> Dukwon Gallery (Seoul)

1997. 4  < Photographic Diary > Gallery 9 (Seoul)

1993. 9  < Portrait of Artist > Toe Art Space  (Seoul)

1991. 11  <Miruk> Toe Art Space (Seoul)

1989. 11  <Korean Artists in New York> National Modern Museum (Gwachun)

1988. 12  <Landscape> Ingong Gallery (Daegu)

1987. 11  <Korean Artists in New York> Soho Photo Gallery (NY)

1986. 12  <Landscape> Washington Square Gallery (NY)

1979. 9   < Photographic Diary> Gallery Duksu (Seoul)

Group Exhibition

2019.2..    . “ History of 20 century Photography* Kodak Museum of Photography ,New York.

2018.4 .     Daijun Museum of Art . Nam June paik.

2018.5      20th Anniversary of , vhs-photogalerie_Stuttgart, Germany *

2017.10       Seoul –New York photo festival, Dumbo Art center New York.

2015.6        Kyoungnam state Museum, Korea

2014 5.        Becoming Robot, Asia Socity .New York

2013.10        Camera Work, Seoul Museum of Art..Korea.

2012 5.        Nam June Paik; Gloval Visionnary.Smithsonian American Art Museum.

2010.5        Strange Room, Seoul museum of Art. Korea,

2010.3      New York Photo Festival DFumbo Art center. New York.

2010.10      50th Anniversary of Dipromatic Korea and Spain. Seoul.

2008.1      Opening of Korea Cultural center in London.  

2010.10 Fulbright Alummi Honoring the 60th Anniversary of the Fulbright Program

in Korea, Seoul Arts Center (Korea)

2010.10 Korea - Spain Diplomatic Celebrating 60th Photography Exhibition, Pale

de Seoul Gallery

2010.5  New York Brooklyn "Bodies in Question" New York Photo Festival Dumbo

Art Center

2010.4  ‘Strange Room’. Seoul Art Museum

2009.9  CAMERA WORK Art Museum of Seoul (Seoul, Korea)

2008.4  Beijing Korea Culture Center Opening Ceremony Exhibition (Beijing, China)

2008.2  London Korea Culture Center Opening Ceremony Exhibition (London, England)

2007.2  I.C.P 20th Anniversary Exhibition (NYC, USA)

2006.6  Modern Photography Exhibition Angle of Humanity. Gwangju Art Museum

2006.6 ‘Over The Memory”. Seoul Art Museum

2006.5 KIAF,COEX Pacific Hall Exhibition Space.

2005.10 Cologne Art Fair Korea Exhibition, Germany

2005.4 Chicago Art Fair, Park Young Duk Gallery. Chicago.

2004.5 Unpluged Theater, Park Young Duk Gallery. Seoul

2004.2 San Francisco Art Fair, Park Young Duk Gallery. US

2002.12 ' East of Yellow Sea' Shanghi Biennale. DDM Ware house (Shanghi, China)

2002.10 ' Translated Acts' Instituto Naclonal de Bellans Arts, (Mexico)

2002.10 Esplanade theatres on the bay. Visual Art Opening Festival (Singapore)

2002.9 Seoul International Media Art Biennale. Seoul

2002.7 ‘Perspective of Korean Contemporary Photography’ Donggan Photography Festival 2002


2002.5  Digital Art Network (Seoul World Cup Stadium Subway St.)

2002.4  Asia Photography Biennale. Gallery La Mar (Seoul)

2002.4  'Lim Young Kyun & Moriyama Daido 2 person Exhibition' Jun Gallery (Seoul)

2002.4  'Face of Our Time' Pruss & Ochs Gallery (Berlin, Germany)

2002.3  Moving Museum. National Modern Museum. (Gwachun).

2002.4  Paik Nam Jun & Media Art Exhibition. Yonsei University, Seoul.(Seoul)

2002.1  <In & Out> Korea, China, Japan City Exhibition. Park Young Duk Gallery (Seoul)

2001.10 ' Translated Acts' Queens Museum (NY)

2001.3  ' Translated Acts' Hause Der Kultur Die Welt, Berlin (Germany)

2000.12 “City Exhibition”. Gallery Lux (Seoul)

2000.2  'Alienation and Assimilation', San Francisco Asian Modern Museum (USA)

1999.1  ' Visual Extension of Photography', National Modern Museum (Korea)

1998.11 'Korea Korean'. Press Center (Seoul)

1998.9  '98 Seoul Photo Exhibition' Seoul Art Museum (Seoul)

1998.5  'Chicago Art Fair' (Chicago, USA)

1998.4  'Alienation and Assimilation' Chicago Modern Photography Museum (USA)

1997.9  '97 Seoul Photo Exhibition ' Seoul Art Museum (Seoul)

1997.5  ' Importance of Living' Sunam Museum (Seoul)

1996.9  '96 Seoul Photo Exhibition ' Seoul Art Museum (Seoul)

1995.6  'DMZ Exhibition' Gallery Mooksi (Seoul)

1994.1   'Trend in Contemporary Photography', Seoul Arts Center (Seoul)

1992.1-11 'Touring Exhibition of Korean Contemporary Art’, 92 Japan Tour Exhibition (Japan),

Artsonje Museum, Gyeongju, Korea

1991.11 Beautiful Seoul (Nov., National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwacheon)

1988.9  'New Wave' Photography, Walker Hill Art Center, Seoul

1986.11 Old and New Photography (Nov., Stike Stoke Gallery, New York)

1985.11 Korean – American Artists – Paik Nam Jun & 14 artists (Joong-ang Ilbo New York


1985.11 Lighting and Vision (Nov., Gallery Korea, New York)

1985.2  Self Portrait (Feb., Gallery Minor, New York)

1981.10 Urbanscape (Oct., New City Theatre, New York)



Award/Fellowship for Artistic Development

2010    Korean Foundation Art Fund

2005.6  Seoul Culture Foundation Oversea Exhibition Fund.

2004.2  Culture & Travel Department Oversea Exhibition Fund.

2004.2  Paradise Culture Fund.

2002.5  "Korea Foundation, Oversea Exhibition" Grant, Korea

2000.7  Fulbright Award, USA

1998.11 "The Korean Culture & Arts Foundation" Fellowship for Artists exhibition, Korea

1988.2  Artist Space Grant, New York State of Art Council (NYC, USA)

1986.10 <Top 10 photographers> Award, 'Perkins Art Center, nominated by curator  Mary

Forest, Smisonian Institute Washington D. C.

1973.10 Grand Priz, Photo Contest for High School Students, Korea photography Association



20195. Nam June pail. Now Here.

2010.1  Learned From the Photography SchoolBreeze Publisher.

2006,5.  New York Story Ilum Publisher.

2004. 2  "Destiny" Thessaloniki Museum of Photography Greece.(Greece)

2003.10  "Daily-life Landscapes" Youlhwadang Publisher(Seoul)

2002.9   "Destiny, Stadtmuseum Musnter (Germany)"

1998.10  "Conversation with Photographer", Noonbit (Seoul)

1997.5   "Making Good Photography", Mijinsa (Seoul)

1997.1   The Skill of Photography-for Highschool Student, Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education.

1997.12  "Visited Buyo" Noonbit (Seoul).

1996.11  DOCU, Published by Lim Young Kyun, Society of Korean Documentary Photography (Seoul)

1996. 5 Visited Gyeongju, Noonbit (Seoul).

1994.11 Lim Young Kyun Photography Essay, Sigongsa Publisher

1994.10 Digital Photography, Time Space (Seoul)

1993.12 Photojournalism, The Society of Korea Journal

1993. 6 Documentary Photography, Noonbit (Seoul)

1993. 3 Portraits Photographs by Lim Young Kyun, Portrait of Artist, Ahn Graphics Ltd. (Seoul)


Selected Review & Article

2010.5  Joong-ang Ilbo New York Interview

2010.4  Photography Art (Magazine) Cover Issue

2006. 11 Photography Art, New York 2X13 Gallery Memory of Paik Nam Jun

2006. 10 Chung-ang Ilbo, Paik Nam Jun, Artistic Soul for 20 years.

2006. 10 Chosun Ilbo, ‘I made art with Paik Nam Jun’.

2006. 7  Photography Art. New York Story Interview.

2006,6.  Moonhwa Ilbo, New York Story. Present Document of New York.

2006,6.  Korea Herald, New York Story, A memory of an young person.

2004. 4  L.A Times "The Richness of the Everyday" (USA)

2004. 4  Radio Korea (LA), Steve Kang, Daily Life Photography Exhibition

2004. 3  Photography Newspaper, Invitation from Thessaloniki Museum of Photography


2004. 2  Greece Newspaper, In Greek

2004. 2  Yonhap News, Lim Young Kyun Solo Exhibition, Greece Exhibition

2004. 1  Art In Culture, Lim Young Kyun, Arranged Diary p115


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2010.8 KBS TV Paik Nam Jun - Inchon

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Permanent Collection

2010   Seoul Art Museum

2009   National Modern Museum

2005   Seoul Art Museum

2004   George Eastman House_International Museum of Photography, New York

2004   Thessaloniki Museum of Photography, Greece

2002   Mayor office at Munster. Germany

2002   Landesmuseum fur Kunst und Kulturgeschichte Oldenberg. Germany

1998   Photography Book-Museum of Mordern Art, New York

1998   RMIT Gallery 9. Melbourne. Australia

1997   Hwan-Ki Museum of Art. Seoul. Korea

1992   International Center of photography (I. C. P), New York 

1989   National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul. Korea

1987   The First Bank. New York